When the Government asked / advised that we stay away from Pubs / Clubs / Cafes, people still frequented these places, now the government (yesterday) enforced a total shutdown – so realistically as adults we have ourselves to blame for this happening. The Government has constantly asked that we all walk 6 feet away from other people and to stay at home were possible, only going out for exercise and shopping but NOT to create or get into crowds. I predict that the next step for the Government will be to enforce a ‘Lock Down’ simply because like being asked to stay away from pubs, clubs etc., we aren’t listening and the toll of people catching coronavirus and deaths associated to the virus are BOTH escalating. As responsible adults surely making sacrifices that we are being asked to do in the long run could save lives, your parents lives and someone else’s families lives …. so is it really a big ask of the Government ????
We ALL agree its unprecedented times so lets be responsible, adult like and keep each other safe …… have respect for others too like we would hope others have respect for you.